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November 29, 2021, 12:28 pm

Cooking master chef Haji Muhammad Fazlur Rahman

Mohammad Shariful Alam Chowdhury
  • Update Time : Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Cooking is an art. Just as the artist carefully paints a picture with the touch of his brush, so the taste of food stays in one’s mouth for a long time if it is cooked with care. Cooking and cooking are two things. Cooking is for eating purposes only. The culinary style is from the taste of cooking to the serving.

There was a time when cooking was just home-centered. But in the modern world, the culinary sector is now in a very strong position. Reality shows are coming forward when the people of this house want to take any step to realize their dream. The ones who benefit the most are those who want to develop their talents. Because of this, many people are able to build a career through it. Competitors build communication on a platform like reality shows through the brands that come forward for them. From there you get the opportunity to start your career in the culinary profession.

Different chefs and judges are asked for their views on how these reality shows usually affect the lives of the contestants.

How many days, how many years, how many eras have flowed in time. Although Bengalis are familiar with all kinds of food in modern times, Kachchi Biryani of Turkish-Mughal period is still ruling. Haji Mohammad Fazlur Rahman is one of those people who are still feeding the people of Bangladesh. His family has been involved in the raw material business for 87 years!

Kazi Fazlur Rahman from Bangladesh is one of those who still maintain the trend of making raw biryani with ‘real taste’. He learned from his father Ismail Milla how to make real raw biryani. Ismail started the business about 87 years ago. Now Fazlur Rahman runs his own catering business in Basila, Mohammadpur area of ​​Dhaka. The Prime Minister, the President and the foreign visitors as well as the general public of Bangladesh are mesmerized by the biryani made by him.

Fazlur Rahman, who has satisfied thousands of people with real raw biryani in the last 40 years, has received multiple honors, including the Fazlul Haque Award and the Mahatma Gandhi Award. He named his catering business ‘Master Chef Haji Mohammad Fazlur Rahman Catering’.

66 year-old Fazlur Rahman is so involved in Kachchi history that Sher-e-Bangla has received the Fazlul Haque Memorial Award as well as the Mahatma Gandhi Award. Fazlur Rahman has now started a catering business in Basila area of ​​Mohammadpur, Dhaka. The name of the company is ‘Master Chef Haji Mohammad Fazlur Rahman Catering’.

Cooking master chef Haji Muhammad Fazlur Rahman

Cooking master chef Haji Muhammad Fazlur Rahman

Fazlur Rahman’s father Ismail Mia was famous for his raw cooking. He started working on this popular dish more than eight decades ago. The then Nawab got acquainted while he was the chef of the house. Later he also worked at Hotel Purbani.

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Ismail Mia also trained Fazlur Rahman before he died. Now Fazlur Rahman has given the responsibility of catering service to his two sons Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman and Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman.

Fazlur Rahman told this reporter that he has fed thousands of people raw in four decades. At the inaugural function of Bangabandhu International Conference Center or Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Center, 50,000 people ate his own food.

During the coronation, Fazlur Rahman’s catering service was at a standstill. They halved the number of workers during the lockdown. Now trying to turn around again. A total of 22 workers were seen in August.
In the beginning, they only took orders for big events, but now they are taking small orders (minimum 16 people) to keep the business going.

Although the process of making ordinary kachchi and Fazlur Rahman’s kachchi is almost the same, a ‘secret’ recipe makes the difference. His eldest son, chef and judge, did not want to divulge the secret of that recipe
Shafiqur Rahman. The 32-year-old laughed and said, “There is a difference. Dad basically guided us. He tests what is more and what is less. And keep an eye on the original recipe, which he learned from my grandfather. Now we can too. ‘

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